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Change, bring tradition back to life-Nippon "Dream Reformer " builds Suzhou Net Red Vegetable Market2019-12-19

On December 17th, the Suzhou Double Pagoda Food Market built by Nippon "Dream Reformer" was reopened. Wang Yongping, Chairman of the Commercial Real Estate Working Committee of the Real Estate Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Gu Yanyan, Director of Education, Culture, and Health of the Jiangsu Provincial People ’s Congress, Suzhou City Zhou Yonghua, an investigator of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Cao Guofen, deputy director of the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Xu Gang, deputy secretary and head of the Gusu District Party Committee, Wang Jun, deputy secretary of the Gusu District Committee, Fang Peihua, director of the Gusu District People ’s Congress, Xiangyan, chairman of the Gusu District CPPCC, Gusu Zhou Jianhui, deputy head of the district committee, Duan Hong, director of "Dream Reconstructor", Wang Lijun, editor-in-chief of Oriental Satellite TV Center, designer Shen Lei, Cai Zhiwei, vice president of marketing of Nippon Decorative Coatings Division, director of Yashili Paint (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Guests such as Chang Lei Jiaying participated in the ribbon-cutting and market opening ceremony together with the merchants of the market and surrounding residents. After the renovation of Shuangta Vegetable Farm, it was renamed Shuangta Market. This project is a municipal project of the sixth season of Nippon Dream Renovator. It aims to subvert the impression of traditional vegetable farms through innovative design and create a new landmark of young net red. Nippon adheres to the brand concept of "refreshing life for you", starting from the transformation of the vegetable farm, driving people to change their lives, experiencing small happiness from the ordinary, and creating a new beginning.

Opening ceremony

Inheriting culture, updating dreams, designing Tiantuan to create net red vegetable farm

Shuangta Vegetable Market is located at No. 21 Beiwang, Wangxing Bridge, Suzhou, near the prosperous Pingjiang Road, and is adjacent to the monuments. It is surrounded by not only the twin pagodas of the Luohan Temple in the Song Dynasty, the temples of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the stone bridges of the Southern Dynasty, but also the century-old Suzhou University, ancient The buildings and emerging markets inherit the culture of Gusu City for thousands of years. The original Shuangta vegetable farm was renovated in 2013, covering an area of 2400 square meters, with 128 stalls and 87 business households. Over the years, it has provided convenience to the lives of residents in the surrounding communities. It has retained a humane lifestyle and more fully preserved it. "No food from time to time" Suzhou humane diet memory. However, with the rise of the network economy and fresh e-commerce, it has also been hit like many traditional vegetable farms in the old city. Due to poor conditions and imperfect supporting facilities, it has shown a dying appearance. This year, under the leadership of the Gusu District Government of Suzhou, the renovation of the old vegetable farm was launched, hoping to combine with the surrounding cultural tourism resources and cultural creativity to explore new creative models.

Before the renovation

Nippon "Dream Reformer" undertook this project transformation, and for the first time used a designer team to gather five well-known designers including Shen Lei, Chen Bin, Sun Huafeng, Xie Ke and Lai Xudong. Based on an in-depth observation of the surrounding geographical environment, cultural style and residents, and fully considering the different needs of residents, merchants, managers and tourists, the design team formulated a vegetable farm renovation plan: while retaining the original function of the vegetable farm At the same time, in the most humane way, retaining the urban taste memory, linking the relationship between culture, gastronomy, history, human resources and the surrounding communities, creating an upgraded vegetable market in the Internet age, a new cultural landmark that can be punched out.

The re-launched vegetable market is completely new. In front of the traditional horse-headed wall, the beautiful shop moves form a beautiful landscape. The new vegetable market that integrates the traditional cultural elements of Suzhou makes people familiar and surprised. The ordinary fireworks can also be It's beautiful. Nowadays, the Shuangta Market is not only a daily market for ordinary people around chai rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea, but also a place where tourists can feel the temperature of the city and touch the texture of the city.

Reconstructed Twin Towers Market

In the market, people can not only buy the freshest ingredients, but also eat the most authentic Suzhou cuisine. The designer takes the "home direction" as the design concept, and regards the vegetable farm as a link to the community life center. In addition to the original key shops, tailor stalls and lock repair stalls, there are also new coffee shops and small shops. Pubs, performance stages and outdoor movable leisure areas (bookstores and markets) are planned for parking spaces for non-motor vehicles, and a "pet rest area" is also set up at the entrance. The life market area brings together interesting stalls from different fields: independent designers, creative hand-made people, antique collectors, life aesthetic brands, bakers, musicians ... local cultural communicators or other life lovers are here Share their work and meet everyone.

Crowds visiting the Twin Towers Market

Changes bring tradition back to life

Cai Zhiwei, Vice President of Marketing of Decorative Coatings Business Unit of Nippon Architectural Coatings Group in China, said about the original intention of transforming Shuangta Vegetable Market: "We believe that the development of the city is not to completely overthrow the existing things. The progress of the city is not to demolish The old building is new, but it is to innovate on the basis of preserving the feelings and lifestyles of people living in each city, use the updated concept, continue to carry forward the beautiful parts, inject vitality into the development of the city, and rejuvenate with change. In this transformation, we hope to transform the old messy old vegetable farm into a brand new modern market so that more people, especially young people, can come back here to experience and communicate. And through the program of "Dream Reformer" We hope that more people in front of the screen can be moved by this renewed change, ignite the longing and love for a better life, and be brave to change, so that life can become newer, more beautiful and better. "

Cai Zhiwei, Vice President of Marketing of Decorative Coatings Division of Nippon Architectural Coatings Group in China, was interviewed by the media

In recent years, the column entitled "Dream Reformer" titled by Nippon has attracted wide attention from consumers. As an exclusive title provider, Nippon has always paid attention to people's "yearning for a better life", combined with social livelihood hotspots to convey positive values of humanistic care, close to people's lives, attention to ordinary families, encourage people to update their ideas, and be brave to change.

In the process of urban renewal, Nippon pays attention to products, services, new materials and processes, and cooperates with professional design and construction methods to promote the renewal and development of the city. To build beautiful homes with colors, through "micro-remodeling", let residents feel "little happiness".

Nippon Refresh Service® Team

All along, the Nippon brand has adhered to the road of sustainable development to cope with the continuous increase in the stock of buildings in the city. As a leader in the paint industry, Nippon has been committed to developing environmentally friendly and energy-saving products and faster and better construction At the same time, it advocates the concept of "refreshing" upgrades. To date, Nippon Refresh Service has also completed refreshing for nearly 500,000 households. This attitude and practical measures are the same for every main house, every building, and even more so for every city.

In addition to the project "Dream Reconstructor", Nippon also adopted the charity action of "coloring love" to incorporate art and color into the local culture in the form of city wall paintings, bringing color and beauty to Hope Primary School, and for seven consecutive years Through the "Future Star" contest, new emerging forces for the design of future youth will be cultivated, which will inspire exploration of future urban development and lead a more ideal lifestyle. In the future, Nippon will continue to explore the refreshing road in the new era with high-quality services and diversified environmental protection products, refreshing a better life for thousands of households.